About us

Bloco Alegria is Portland's newest Rio style samba band. 

We're a community of people who love samba, and we celebrate the music, dance, and culture of Brasil.

Playing the heart-pumping rhythms of Rio's carnaval parades is what gives this band its unique sound and vibrancy. 


About hiring us

We're always looking for new opportunities to perform and get people hooked on the samba rhythms. 

If you'd like to hire us to play at an event please reach out to us here or at our Press Contact email.

About samba

Samba is a popular form of music and dance from Rio de Janeiro.  It has deep African ancestral roots with respect to the drums used, the rhythms, and the structure of the music itself.

Many of the members of Bloco Alegria have studied and played samba in the US or have gone to Brazil to learn more.  Several of us speak Portuguese.

About the name

The word "alegria" means "happiness" in Portuguese.  The word "bloco" refers to a "city block".  

Historically, people in different neighborhoods of Rio would get together and play samba in the streets, drawing their neighbors out to celebrate. Different neighborhood blocks would form different samba groups with creative and fun names.

As time passed, these groups became more formalized and well-known throughout the city and the word "bloco" took on the meaning of "group" or "band".  

Currently in Rio, samba groups that play in the streets include groups like Bloco Suvaco do Cristo, Bloco Simpatia e Quase Amor, and larger more internationally known groups like Monobloco.