I cannot tell you enough how amazing Bloco Alegria truly is. The excitement and positivity you all bring to a concert is downright infectious. Summer Free For All and the Ventura Park Concert Series Committee are more than pleased.
— Kawana S. Bullock Clayton, Event Producer for Summer Free For All Portland Parks & Recreation, 8/8/2018
After the show, out on the street, where the troupe of percussionists who had joined the band on stage for the last number were assembled with their instruments, loud, vigorous samba rhythms filled SW 3rd Avenue, bouncing off the Keller’s walls, illuminating the receding audience, drowning out the traffic, and adorning Keller Fountain Park with the festive sounds of Afro-Latin carnaval music. The group was Portland’s Bloco Alegria, which means both “happy band” and “jolly streets” . . . doing their usual street thing.
— Matthew Andrews of Oregon ArtsWatch at OBT's Rhapsody in Blue with Pink Martini, 10/14/2017
Bloco Alegria is a phenomenal Dance and percussion organization with a blessed mission to give the audience a Multicultural experience. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with the Bloco Alegria family you soon.
— Norman Sylvester, The Norman Sylvester Band, 8/5/2016
Thank you so much for being part of our event, and for the positive energy and life that Bloco Alegria brought to the audience! The dancers were wonderful, beautiful and very engaging. We would love to have Bloco’s energetic sounds and dance at future Metro events. We can still feel the great energy infused by your performance!

Also, thank you for being so responsive and exact with your times. That makes a world of difference when executing an event.

Mil gracias!
— Sofia Basto, Metro event organizer for the Blue Lake International Food Festival, 9/5/2015
You all were awesome! The audience loved your energy and it was a great finale touch for the afternoon line up. Thanks for putting it all together and being flexible as we figured logistics out.

Enjoy the season....
— Monica Hayes Oregon Symphony Education & Community Engagement Program Director, 9/3/2015
BRAVO Bloco Alegria!
Bloco Alegria delivered a magnificent performance at the 4th Annual Inner City Blues Festival. The explosion of the Rio Samba Band and beautiful Dancers transported over 700 Festival attendees to Brazil during Carnival time! This Multi Cultural presentation was a big hit for our Event.
— Norman Sylvester Boogie Cat Productions (Festival booking Agent), 4/11/2015
Bloco Alegria is by far the best and most fun Brazilian carnaval band in the US that I have ever seen. The members of this amazing band truly embrace Brazilian culture. More than just a business partner, they have become my good friends.
— DJ Digo Batucada PDX Event producer, Promoter and DJ, 1/30/2014
Bloco Alegria are a great and exciting Brazilian percussion troupe. They can expand to include singers and dancers dependent upon the occasion. I hand picked them for the Dandy Warhol’s Christmas show at the Crystal this past December. They were a big hit and a total pleasure to work with.
— Jimi Biron - McMinnimans, Crystal Ballroom - 12/15/2013
What a night! Thank you for coming to Catlin Gabel School to perform at the new Arts Center Building. Your amazing performance were filled with lots of great energy, extraordinary music, beautiful dancers and samba! Thank you Pauline for teaching the parents all the samba moves! You brought us so much fun and we hope to have you perform again! This is what everyone are still saying:

’What a night! That was a night we will not soon forget!’
— Judy Ma, Event Coordinator, 12/7/2013
Loved you guys’ performance!! Loved those beats and samba moves. And your energy
brought us so much fun. Thank you for performing.
— Krista, Guen, Univ. of Portland International Services, 11/23/2013
Thank you for coming to U of P to perform. It was a great night and we hope to have you perform again.
— Cindy, Univ. of Portland International Services, 11/23/2013
Your performance was amazing!! Everyone loved you so much, and the energy and spirit you brought to the walk was above and beyond our hopes.
— Bekah Telew, Development Intern Cascade AIDS Project, 9/22/2013
Loved the vibe and the energy was amazing.
We loved having your presence and energy at our event.
— Tiffany Ayers, March against Monsanto, 5/25/2013
Your performance was a huge highlight of the night and helped give an experience for our audience that I think will not be forgotten.
— Sara B, OIS Co-Coordinator, PSU